What is the minimum amount I can enter?
The total value of your receipt must be at least $20 before GST is added.

What is the maximum I can win back?
The maximum cash back amount is $500 (i.e. for a purchase of $600+$30 GST the amount refunded would be $500).

Does GST count in the total amount spent?
No, GST does not count towards total amount spent (i.e. if the winning purchase is for $475 + $25 GST, the amount refunded would be $475).

I purchased an item from a store in the Balzac area, owned by a person from Airdrie, can I submit?
No, we are only accepting receipts from Airdrie based businesses located within city limits.

I purchased a service from a home based business. Can I submit?
If the home based business has an Airdrie business license, then yes you can.

How do I know if the home based business has an Airdrie business license?
We will verify the business before announcing a winner.

The business did not provide me a receipt. How can I enter?
You can mail in your information with the business name and purchase amount. Details are listed here.

I bought from a national chain online, but did curb side pick-up in Airdrie. Can I submit?
Yes you can if they are located within Airdrie city limits.

I bought from Amazon and they delivered. Can I submit?
No, the business must be a Airdrie-based, within city limits.

I bought small amounts from 3 different stores today, put together the total amount is $20. Can I submit all three together?
Receipts must be for a minimum of $20 before GST from each business.

What is the maximum number of receipts I can submit each week?
You can enter as many times as you like, however your name can only win once per draw.

If I enter the weekly contest multiple times, does that mean I will have multiple entries into the Grand Prize draw?
Each person will only receive one entry into the Grand Prize draw.

If I enter my receipts, can my partner/family also enter the weekly draw?
Yes, as long as the receipts are for different purchases.

What do you do with the receipts after each draw?
The person’s name, preferred contact number, and the business name are entered into the Grand Prize draw. The receipts uploads are then destroyed.

I would like to submit a business name for the Grand Prize draw, but have not purchased anything from them. How can I do this?
Please mail in your name, contact information, and the business name.

Will you publicize what I purchased at a business, if I win?
No. If you agreed to have your name publicized, your name and the business name will be announced as well as the final amount rewarded. Purchase details will not be requested or included.

I shop in Airdrie, but don’t live here. Can I enter my receipts to win?
Yes. You can.

Can I submit for services like my babysitter or housecleaner?
Yes, if they have a business license and are located within city limits.

Can I submit for items like monthly gym membership?
Yes, you can. If the time of purchase is within the 7 days of the draw and within the Contest Period.

How long do you store the receipts for?
We will not store receipts. After each draw information is submitted for the Grand Prize and receipts are destroyed.

How will you contact me if I won?
When you submit online, you must indicate your preferred contact method. We will use that information to contact you.

What if I am away and don’t receive notice that I won?
We will hold your winning entry for a total of 10 days from the draw. After that, if we have not heard back from you to collect your winnings, we will void and redraw for the same amount.

Can the same person win every week?
Yes, if they have submitted different receipts each week valued over $20 before GST.

If I submit multiple entries each week, does that mean I will have several ballots into the Grand Prize draw?
No, each unique entry is valid for only one (1) ballot in the Grand Prize draw.



My family owns a franchise here in Airdrie. Can my customers submit their receipts for the weekly contest?
Yes. Any Airdrie-based business can promote to their customers entering the contest.

I own a franchise here in Airdrie. Can we be entered to win the Business Marketing Grand Prize?
Yes. If your franchise agreement allows you to run a local marketing campaign.

I am a business owner that does not live in Airdrie, but I have a small independent Airdrie-based business. Can I win the Grand Prize?

Yes. All Airdrie-based, and within city limits, businesses that have a City of Airdrie business license can be entered to win the Grand Prize.

I have a home based business, and do not live in Airdrie. I have customers from Airdrie that purchase my products. Can I still enter to win?
No. You need to have an Airdrie-based business with a City of Airdrie business license to win.

How do I know if I qualify for the Grand Prize marketing draw?
Only businesses that are not Airdrie-based in location, unlicensed, or currently under a parent marketing company are excluded. Contact our team for more information.

My business does not need marketing. If we win, is there an alternative prize?
There is no cash substitution for the Grand Prize marketing package and any business can refuse the prize.

How do I know if a customer has automatically entered us into the contest?
We will post a list of those businesses submitted weekly, starting after the first draw.  

My business would like to offer an item for the prize package. Who can we contact?
The Grand Prize package is curated by the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, please contact them.

How much does it cost for my business to self-enter the contest?
You can submit an online entry with no purchase necessary. Please see ‘No Purchase Required” for details.

More questions?
Please email economic.development@airdrie.ca.